Barilla Pasta regional expansion to Africa.

Emirates Snack Foods has been the regional distributor of Barilla Pasta for quite a while and has seen increasing demands from the hospitality industry to restaurants, and retail outlets in the UAE.

The demand for high quality, authentic Italian pasta will see Barilla expand their distribution to the African continent.

In addition to increasing its distribution in the Middle East & Africa region, Barilla has set a series of goals for 2020 to help promote healthier consumer choices, reduce the impact of food production on the planet and spearhead community focused initiatives.

The ‘Good for you, Good for the planet’ sustainability report launched this year by The Barilla Group highlights that in the past five years, the company has reformulated 219 products with less fat, salt and sugar, increased fiber and more wholegrain varieties.

The company has also increased its purchase of raw materials from responsible supply chains by threefold from 6 – 18%, with the goal to reach 100% by 2020.

Founded in Parma in 1877, today The Barilla Group owns 29 production sites (14 in Italy and 15 abroad) and exports to more than 100 countries.

In addition, Barilla has reduced water consumption by 19% and decreased its greenhouse gas emissions by 23% per ton of product.


Peppadew, the South African fruit now in UAE.

Discovered in 1993, Peppadew is a South African fruit that carries a hot, spicy-yet-sweet taste. Grown in the Eastern Cape, the piquante-pepper has a crispy-yet-juicy texture and is pitted before packaging.

Well known to South Africans, the whole-fruit jars come in two main flavors: Peppadew Mild- a gentle spice accompanying the sweetness, and Peppadew Hot- which gives the sweet fruit an extra ‘kick’. Peppadew products contain no GMO and no preservatives, and are processed through careful selection and cleaning.

In the kitchen there are endless recipes for application, ranging from use in antipasti, to mains and desserts. Peppadew can be stuffed, served on cocktail sticks, chopped into (or over) sandwiches and added for bite to main dishes. The juice that it is packed in can also make for a tasty marinade, salad dressing or stock base.

Besides Peppadew Whole Fruits in Mild or Hot, you can also try Peppadew Hot Jalapeño Slices, Mild Jalapeño Halves, Hot Pickled Onions or Mild Pickled Onions.

Fitch & Leedes, bespoke mixers from South Africa.

Coming from South Africa, Fitch & Leedes is a product of CHILL Beverages who market and sells unique beverage ranges, using highly reputable ingredients from the best global sources. They introduced the first range of sugar-free mixers to consumers in Southern Africa.

Fitch & Leedes is a fitting tribute to the intrepid gentlemen merchantmen of London, Ralph Fitch and William Leedes, who set sail on the Tyger in 1583 in search of new, exotic tastes in India and the East.

The range of mixers include Indian Tonic, Club Soda, Lemonade, Gingerale, and Bitter Lemon, available in both in beautiful glass bottles or stylish cans.

ESF introduces Provamel, 100% Organic

ESF is proud to introduce a healthy new addition to its portfolio, Provamel. Provamel has been the organic brand of Alpro, the European pioneer and market leader for plant-based drinks and food products, the answer to an everyday organic lifestyle. Living an organic lifestyle means living in a way that is good for you and for the environment. It is a lifestyle that encourages thoughtful and responsible decision-making so that the choices you make have a positive impact for you and the planet.

Provamel products are 100% ORGANIC and
– have not been treated with pesticides or artificial fertilizers.
– are free from artificial flavorings, colors and preservatives.
– respect the environment (e.g. no soya beans are grown in the rainforest).
– stimulate BIODIVERSITY.
– are ethically-sourced.
– are non-GMO because they are organic.
– are delicious and surprisingly innovative.
– are lactose-free.
– are VEGAN